Poker Acronyms

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Abbreviations and acronyms have become important in today’s online poker environment. Following is a list on terms commonly used in the online poker world.

AF: aggression factor
AFK: away from keyboard
AI: all-in
AO: add on
ATC: any two cards
Ax: An ace with any 2nd card
BAK: back at keyboard
BB: big blind or big bet
Bbl: be back later
BBV: the Beats, Brags, and Variance forum
b/f: bet and fold to a raise
Brb: be right back
B&M: brick and mortar
Btu: back to you
CB: continuation bet
c/c: check/call
c/f: check/fold
CO: cut off, player 1 seat to the right of the button
c/r: check/raise
EP: early position
EV: expected value
FE: fold equity
FR: full ring
FT: full table
Fwiw: for what it’s worth
FYP: fixed your post
Gl: good luck
Gl2u: good luck to you
gr8: great Hb: hurry back
HE: hold’em
HH: hand history
HJ: Hijack, player 2 seats to the right of the button
HSNL: high stakes no limit
HU: heads up IMO: in my opinion
IMHO: in my humble opinion
IRL: in real life
JMO: just my opinion
KJs: King Jack suited
K72: you have top pair, 2nd best kicker (Q)
Kxx: refers to a king high flop
LAG: loose aggressive
LAP: loose passive
LHE: limt hold’em
Lol: laugh out loud
LP: late position
MHIG: my hand is good
MHING: my hand is no good
MP: middle position
MSNL: mid stakes no limit
MTT: multi-table tournament
9To: nine ten offsuit
NL: no limit
NLHE: no limit hold’em
O8: Omaha hi/lo 8-or-better
OOP: out of position
OP: original post or poster
OESD: open ended straight draw
OESFD: open ended straight flush draw
OTB: on the button
PF: pre-flop
PFR: preflop raise or preflop raiser
PL: pot limit
PLO: pot limit Omaha high
PLO8: pot limit Omahahi/lo 8-or-better pp: pocket pair
PT: pokertracker
Q73r: r = rainbow flop
R: are
RB: rebuy
SB: small blind
Sc: suited connector 6m: 6-max s
: slightly loose aggressive
SNG: sit and go
SSNL: small stakes no limit
TAG: tight aggressive
TPBK: top pair bad kicker
TPCK: top pair crap kicker
TPGK: top pair good kicker
TP2K: top pair 2nd best kicker (KQ, flop)
TPTK: top pair top kicker
TPWK: top pair weak kicker
TY: thank you U: you
UI: unimproved
UTG: under the gun
WA: way ahead
WB: way behind
Wb: welcome back
Wtg: way to go
VB: value bet
VPIP: voluntarily put money in the pot