Ante Up at Titan Poker’s Cash Games

Ante Up at Titan Poker's Cash Games
Ante Up at Titan Poker's Cash Games

Take out your poker dictionary and look up the term. “Ante” is a mandatory bet paid equally by all players prior to a poker hand being dealt. Antes are commonly found in stud and razz poker games, as there are no blinds.

Antes are also found in the later stages of Texas Hold’em tournaments in order to encourage more action. Because chip stacks run down more quickly, players are forced to play more hands.

Titan Poker has just upped the ante at its No Limit Hold’em cash tables, introducing a number of tables where antes are mandatory.

The antes are set at 20% of the big blind at dedicated tables at stakes between $0.02/$0.04 to $1/$2. In addition, these tables require a 100BB to 200BB buy-in.

Where can you find the No Limit Hold’em cash tables with antes?

Click on the World Tables => All Tables tabs in the software, and then click “Name” at the top of the table name column in order to alphabetically sort the tables. You’ll see the names of the ante-included tables at the very top of the column.